Manscaping: 9 things every man should know about w

Manscaping: 9 things every man should know about waxing

Customers range from 18 to well into later life and come from all walks of life; sportsmen, crane drivers, structural engineers and doctors, barristers, students, meter reading men, butchers and policemen, all come in for waxing.

Who is waxing not for?

If you have a skin condition or are on medication which may be contraindicated in waxing, we always advise that you contact your medical adviser to confirm whether waxing is right for you.

Why do people come in for a wax?

The majority of my customers come in to feel better about themselves, to feel more confident, to improve cleanliness and improve comfort during training, of course there are many other reasons, it is a personal thing for each wax.

But do people choose waxing over shaving? 

Shaving is a great form of temporary depilation, however it grows back really quickly after shaving. Men who shave their body also report an unpleasant or itchy sensation a couple of days afterwards. Regular waxes can expect to have hair-free skin for up to two weeks with the hair that does grow back being new and much softer than shaved hair.

I am getting a wax for a special event, how long before the event should I book for a wax?

To maximise the hair-free window, the customer should aim to have two treatments approximately one month apart with a few days prior to the event to ensure your skin is in tip top condition for your special event.

What should I do before coming into your salon to help the process? 

Have a shower if you can, although we know this is not always possible. There are always wipes which you can use in private, or a good squirt of underarm or foot spray is always free of charge!

What should I expect, what is the precoess?

Products vary but treatments can run as follows: cleanse, pre-oil, apply wax, remove wax, cleanse and aftercare treatment applied at the salon. You will be asked to position yourself during the treatment to maximise your comfort.
Aftercare advice will be given to you in print if this is your first wax. Remember, you should ask as many questions as you want, as your waxing therapist is seeking to put you at ease during the session.

I know it will hurt but is it bad as the videos I have seen online?

99% of all customers report that it is not as bad as they thought it was going to be. Your therapist will apply good pressure as they work to minimise any instantaneous sensation.

What should I do at home after the wax?

For the first 48 hours ensure that you keep as cool and clean as possible; staying out of the sun and not applying any products to the waxed area. A week or so after the treatment, begin a simple routine of gentle dry exfoliation using a clean dry towel or body brush followed by a tepid shower and some moisturiser. Do this twice a week to minimise the risk of ingrown hairs and improve the appearance of the skin.

Jason Phillips the founder of Back and Beyond, the hair removal specialist salon for men.