How to use video marketing

How to use video marketing

Internet video is huge - and it's only getting bigger. We, as a population are watching, sharing and seeking out more video content then ever before. From YouTube clips to professional footage this engaging medium has huge marketing potential, even more so in the beauty industry. There are on average 700 million views of beauty related videos per month on YouTube 


If you haven't already switched on to the power as a boost to your marketing efforts, now is the time to consider it. Even on a budget, you can use it to your advantage.


It is more important to show someone who you are and whar you do, rather than them read it.




1. Covering the practicalities


The good news is you don't need a lot of equipment these days. Any new smart phone will be a good point to start your video marketing. You could invest in a small tripod, although if you are on a limited budget, you can stabilise your phone on a flat sturdy table with a box of some sort in front instead. Make sure you don't cover up the camera. Think about angles, are you looking for a long shot or a close up and levels.

 If you are covering a new nail design, video from a side or front angle to give the best effect. Think how best you would like to see a therapy being carried out. What would be the most effective? The viewer needs to see the detail.



2.Be valuable


Share practical advice and techniques. Become the voice expert of a field, this will help you to build a reputation and showcase your salons skills, ultimately this will help you to gain more clients. Start by uploading practical tips to YouTube. Promote them on your social media accounts and website.


Make sure you optimise your video, use tag lines like beauty, beauty tips, therapy sessions etc. If you're video is more optimised on YouTube and social media, it will help to move your website up the Google search rankings. (Search Engine Optimisation)



3.Beauty is visual


Videos can combine images, audio, text and music. When creating a video showcase the location, staff, facilities, services and the look and feel of your business. By showcasing your staff, you are showcasing the persona of your business.


Example: If you are going for a friendly feel environment, video staff members laughing and joking with clients. BUT make sure you get both parties permission, you don't want to upset clients.




4.Keep it short


According to research by Handi Media, 60 to 90 second videos are the most effective. After 90 seconds you lose around 40 per cent of your audience, and another 20 per cent after two minutes. There are two ways you can make sure your film has the information you need in it and isn't too long. Either take short clips and clip them together or film the whole process and the cut the clips out you need. There are many video editing software's available that are free to use, just search on Google and find the one that's best for you.



Research shows a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.




5.Be part of the conversation

Make 'share worthy' videos that people are interested in. Listen to your clients and create videos on topics they would want to know about.


Example: Rather than offering a leaflet on 'How to maintain your manicured nails' make a video. Upload it onto your website, social media and YouTube. Give your clients your YouTube names on a small card with your company name (Think about branding). This adds value to your service. When you have enough 'self help' videos start sectioning them on your website. Remember to not give away too much so you can still entice new clients.




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