To blog or not to blog?

To blog or not to blog?

Blogging allows you to share your expertise, gain recognition, attract new clients and increase your search engine rankings. Although in a market that's already overcrowded will your voice be heard if you choose to blog? 


It does take time and commitment to blog, but get it right and it could go a long way to helping your marketing strategy, gaining new customers and keeping loyal clients as well as increasing your reputation as a beauty business.  



Your blogging strategy

Having some form of strategy is essential if you want to succeed through blogging. It is time consuming so make sure you have a plan before you start blogging and avoid wasting your efforts. 



1. Competition 


Look at what businesses similar to yours are doing on their blog; use this to generate some ideas but also to get some ideas to ensure you are one step ahead of them. Look at your area and see who is also blogging, what are they blogging about, what are popular blogging discussions?






Once you start blogging readers will expect you to continue and may feel let down if you suddenly stop. Set a regular blogging slot each week to publish your latest blog. Planning on blogging twice a week? Publish your pieces every Tuesday and Thursday for example. That way regulars know when to visit your website. 



3. It's not all about you


Of course, it's about promoting your business but the reader shouldn't know this. Rather than writing about your own company and what you're doing, write about the industry instead. Has a new product been released? Write a report or review on it. Got some tips to share? Provide a helpful write up for readers. Think about your industry and think about what those interested in it might want to read.




4.Go further


You can't publish a blog and expect readers to arrive on their masses. You need to build a following and alert people that you have a new live post. Use your social medial platforms to promote new posts. Create a blog newsletter, informing clients of your updates.  Ask your clients when carrying out treatments ' have you seen our blog'? Produce a small card with the blog name and where they can locate it. Make sure they know about your blog and suggest there might be some information that they'd find useful.




5.Use Keywords


The use of keywords within your blog will help with your search engine optimisation. Think about what those looking for your services might search when using search engines. Include these words in your blogs when possible to help increase your search rankings, but make sure you use keywords naturally.


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