Preparing for summer season

Preparing for summer season

With summer days on the way it's time to get your marketing head on and think about the events you can tap into to increase business. With summer comes an influx of festivals as well as teen proms springing up across the country: use these events to your advantage and target the festival and school

prom attendees.





During the spring and summer, and even creeping into autumn, festival season hits. With dozens occurring in the UK, and more overseas, as a nation we are festival fans with thousands planning festivals as much as a year ahead. 


On the surface festivals are relaxed places but there's lots of pre-event preparation and many festival goers will seek professional help to assist them in maintaining their appearance.  When it is near impossible to carry out regular grooming and beauty regimes many opt for forward thinking and have beauty treatments that will enhance their appearance throughout the festival.



Popular festival treatments


Manicures and pedicures

Spray tan


Eyebrow shaping

Eyelash extensions

Hair colouring 


Offer a mix and match package, or a group discount on festival packages for multiple purchases: people often go to festivals in groups so this could bring in multiple and new clients. 


Promote packages at a slightly discounted rate for two, three, four treatments etc, By offering mix and match festival packages you can cater for the different types of festival goer and meet individual clients needs. 


Market packages in your salon window, on leaflets and on your website and social media pages. Use bright colours and well known festival themes like Daisies, scenes of fields etc for any marketing materials. 


Invest in mini or 'top up' products to up sell to festival goers, such as dry shampoo and mini nail maintenance kits. 


The school prom industry is estimated to be worth over £100m per year, with parents spending up to a thousand pounds on a dress, transport and finishing touches. The school prom originally an American tradition, has well and truly taken off in the UK, with sixth forms and colleges also now carrying out a 'leavers ball' at the end of the school year. 

The introduction of the prom now sees school leavers celebrating in a lavish style, which takes lots of prep and planning. More than 85% of proms host proms, this is another Summer market you take advantage of.


To ensure you benefit from those seeking to look their best at their school prom, offer ' perfect prom' packages, providing the ultimate prom look from head to toe. Encourage those looking to have treatments to book with you by advertising that you can provide an on trend and up to date prom look with all the frills.


Popular prom treatments

Hair styling and up - dos


Manicures and pedicures


Lash extensions

Spray tans

Make - up



Advertise your prom packages online on your website and via social media, in your salon and in local businesses. Before prom season takes off ensure you hand out a leaflet advertising your seasonal packages to each existing client.


Use imagery on marketing material such as prom crown, fairy lights and fireworks to create an exciting prom theme. Outline the basics of what you offer particularly for proms and include discount pricing.

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