Male waxing: From sport to mainstream

Male waxing: From sport to mainstream

From sporting heroes wishing to improve their aero dynamism to the male model community. Male waxing has had a niche place for decades. Now men make up 20% of salon customers and male waxing is becoming a significant income stream for owners and mobile beauty therapists.

* Back nostrils and ears are the most common areas for male hair removal. 


1.Get online

A website, Facebook page and Twitter account are no longer a option when it comes to marketing a business. Men shop differently to women and will often Google services before making an initial enquiry. In this day and age, any salon therapist that isn't on the web is pretty much invisible to the majority of potential clients. 


A client will seek out the therapist and environment that they feel most comfortable with

                                        Andy Rouillard, BABTAC Member & Waxing Expert 

2.Differentiate your clients

List your male grooming services separately from your ladies' treatments. The simple distinction will make male customers feel better catered for and more welcome as a result. If you're finding that men are becoming uncomfortable being surrounded by female clients in the salon, set aside one night a week just for male clients.



Remember that most new male customers are likely to be feeling apprehensive, especially if there only point of reference is from watching YouTube videos. Put a list of 'frequently asked questions' on your website in order to help your customer make an informed choice. On the day of his appointment, take a few minutes to explain the procedure and answer any questions he may have before you stop lathering him with hot wax. If it’s his first time it might be worth  explaining what you are doing as you work. 



Invest in a good set of electric clippers. They are faster than scissors and pose less risk when trimming. Use them to shorten long hair before waxing, which will make it easier to see the direction of growth and prevent lengthy tuffs from getting tangled as you work. Why not offer body clippering as a stand alone treatment. 



Ask male clients to bring a clean cotton t - shirt with them to change into after their back or chest wax. This can go a long way towards reducing any post - wax irritation or bacterial infection with open skin after waxing, especially in the summer months. 


6.After care

The back and chest areas are particularly prone to irritation and may experience acne like breakouts in the days following treatment, especially for first timers. Retail an antibacterial cleanser or lotion to help prevent and treat any pimples. The best after care products are those that contain tea tree, witch hazel or willow bark extract. 

You can read more about the best practice of waxing and other treatments in the BABTAC members 'Good Pratice Guide'.

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