Bringing kids to a beauty salon – is it ok?

Bringing kids to a beauty salon – is it ok?

There’s much debate in the media at the moment following a Mumsnet debate about whether it’s ok to take a child to a hair or beauty salon while you have your appointment.

We’ve been on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning discussing the topic and our advice to members.

As a salon owner or therapist, it is ultimately at your discretion as to whether you choose to accept children into either the appointment room or reception.

However, we would always advise members not to facilitate clients bringing their children into the salon, because a) there is a potential safeguarding issue for the children and b) the salon / individual will not be insured for supervising the children. This is both because the therapist is not trained in childcare, and also because there are potential health and safety hazards to having the child in reception and / or the appointment room. Even if the parent says they won't hold you responsible, they are likely to if their child was injured - that's the natural reaction

Many clients visit salons to relax and get a break. Kids being 'well-behaved' is subjective and while a parent might consider their child well-behaved, others may not. So the situation has the potential to disrupt other clients, especially in salons with an open manicure/pedicure bar and reception area.

In the case of mobile / at-home treatments, the guidance is slightly different, as there aren't other clients involved, and the children are in their own home environment. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.  What is your policy? How does that work for your business? Email us at or join in the conversation on social media or #KidsInSalons