BABTAC and Hair & Barber Council Alliance

In our role as your not-for-profit Professional Association, we work tirelessly for the betterment of the industry and the protection of our therapists and the general public. We have, for a number of years, been pursuing an agenda of mandatory self-regulation to meet these aims.

Our campaign for self-regulation was launched following extensive consultation with our members and the wider industry, as a way to drive up standards in the industry, guard the therapists who thrive within it, and protect the general public by assuring safe treatments. It is our belief that regulation is an inevitable next step for the industry and that it is better to establish a fit-for-purpose, self-regulatory framework which we control together as an industry, than to wait for the UK Government to foist regulation upon us.

Since 2010, the majority of our work has focussed on Government lobbying and we have worked independently of other bodies to secure support. At the end of 2017, we were then introduced to The Hair & Barbering Council, who fulfil a similar role to BABTAC but for hairdressers and barbers. We quickly realised that our ambitions are the same, and our strategies overlapped, and therefore we formed a collective self-regulatory Alliance in August 2018. The Alliance’s mission is to achieve affordable, mandatory self-regulation of the hair and beauty industry, for the protection of consumers, other stakeholders and practitioners, and to further drive improvements in professional standards and the betterment of the industry. Together, we have a combined regulatory register of more than 22,000 therapists, hairdressers and barbers, adding significant weight to our campaign.

It is the view of both organisations that the partnership will make the campaign more efficient, further reaching and more credible, and that the combined expertise of the two organisations will lend the campaign additional influence. A primary ambition is to better utilise the resource of the two organisations, both of whom have been independently driving for self-regulation of the UK hair and beauty industry and lobbying Government.

Who is The Hair & Barber Council?

The Hair & Barber Council's aim is to raise standards, improve professionalism and the perception of the hair and barber industry to the general public, whilst working towards finally regulating the industry. Established by an Act of Parliament, and currently a voluntary register, the association operates not-for-profit and is firmly rooted in ensuring the ongoing professional reputation for their members and the industry as a whole in the future. Any hairdresser or barber who would like to join the campaign for self-regulation can sign up for the register at