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Pension Planning

Moving on from payment and taxes, VITALITY is looking into pensions... In the past many workers have missed out on valuable pension benefits because employers didn’t offer them, or they didn’t apply to join an existing company scheme,

Men Making a Stand

MEN MAKING A STAND Male beauty bloggers and professionals are campaigning to reduce the stigmas attached to men in the beauty industry, and it seems their efforts may be starting to pay off... A recent study revealed that men comprise just 10 per…

Keeping HMRC Happy Comments

Paying HMRC the wrong amount or paying it late can result in interest charges on the amount outstanding and in some cases fines.

Bringing kids to a beauty salon – is it ok? Comments

There’s much debate in the media at the moment following a Mumsnet debate about whether it’s ok to take a child to a hair or beauty salon while you have your appointment. …