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Teeth Whitening Features on BBC Radio 4 You & Yours Teeth whitening is back in the spotlight as BBC Radio 4's consumer affairs programme You & Yours discusses who should be allowed to administer the treatment, the laws and regulations surrounding the teeth whitening, and the risks beauty therapists…
Teeth whitening: beauty therapy or dentistry? Unless you have the relevant dental qualifications, are still registered and have appropriate insurance, teeth whitening is not a treatment you should be adding to your list. Visitors to Professional Beauty in February 2016 may have noticed the…
I’m a student – why do I need insurance? We meet a lot of students training in the beauty, hair, holistic and sports therapy industry that don’t realise they need to have insurance while they are training and before they are qualified. As a student performing case studies, you can be…

Who are BABTAC?

Established in Gloucester in 1977, BABTAC is the premier UK association for beauty, hair, holistic and sports therapies. We are a 'not for profit' organisation and our priorities are the well-being of our members, regulation of the industry and public welfare.

Governed by a Council of industry professionals, we also offer unrivalled beauty expertise, a rigorous ethical code and a professional practice standard. Our logo is a sign of confidence; display it with pride and give your clients assurance of your qualifications and commitment to excellence.

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