Becoming a Member and the Benefits

The BABTAC Team have used our decades of experience and vast knowledge accross all aspects of the Hair and Beauty Industry to provide optimised membership and insurance packages for all therapists. These packages  can include:

  • Market Leading Insurance Cover Options
  • Industry Partner Discounts
  • 3rd Party offers from our Benefits by BABTAC providers.
  • Vitality Magazine, BABTAC's bi-monthly award winning publication, full of industry relevant news and updates.
  • Business Resources, Tools & Templates to assist you in all aspects of your business
  • BABTAC Experts, on hand to offer advice covering a wide range of beauty therapy treatments.
  • Direct Goverment Representation 
  • Community Networking Opportunities
  • A highly Trained and experienced membership team offering insurance compliance information and best practice advice.

BABTAC Insurance

Our insurance policy will give you piece of mind whilst you are busy running your business. Some of the benefits of insurance include: 

  • £6,000,000 Professional Liability insurance
  • £6,000,000 Public Liability insurance
  • £6,000,000 Malpractice
  • £6,000,000 Treatment Risk Insurance
  • £6,000,000 Product Liability for retailing to clients (and non-clients provided turnover does not exceed £30,000)
  • No excess

Membership Packages

Full therapist membership - £99.99

***Includes fees and insurance premium tax (IPT)

Suitable for an individual therapist: hair and beauty, sports, holistic and teachers* working from home, renting a room or mobile.

* Insurance for teachers covers all training work including workshops as an employee. If you run your own course or school you will require a Corporate Teaching Insurance Extension.

Specialist membership - £59.00

***Includes fees and insurance premium tax (IPT)

Suitable for therapists needing insurance who only provide treatments in:

  • nails 
  • lash extensions 
  • tanning
  • make - up
  • hairstyling

This is NOT inclusive of eyebrow treatments
You will receive the same benefits as a full membership. You will also have access to our other membership benefits and the cover allows you to work from home; mobile or in a salon

Full hairdresser membership - £59.00

***Includes fees and insurance premium tax (IPT)

Suitable for an individual hairdresser working from home, renting a room or mobile. 

Salon membership - £190.00 (with 2 therapists)

Salon membership - £240.00 (with 3 therapists)

***Includes fees and insurance premium tax (IPT)

Salon membership is designed to cover the business and up to three practicing staff.  If you require cover for more than 3 staff you can add practicing therapists onto your policy for an additional £77.00 each.  This policy gives you and your staff access to our full range of benefits and covers them to work in or away from the salon providing they are employed by the business to do so. There are no admin charges for changing a staff member's details if they leave your business.

Associate membership - £45

Our associate membership provides some of the benefits and access to all the tools and resources for our BABTAC members without the additional benefit of insurance. 

Student membership - £24

Suitable for students  in education (holding no present qualifications in the beauty industry) who require insurance for their case study work, (Conditions apply). You will also have access to specific student benefits selected just for you.

If you have any further questions download our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Before joining with BABTAC make sure you download the Terms of Business and Policy Wording. We would also advise you to read the Key Points Cover document before applying. 

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