Advanced Treatment Extensions

The treatments listed below are not covered by the standard insurance policy. If you offer these treatments you will need to take out the extension cover along with a full membership.

Please note that some of the insurance extensions are subject to certain endorsements and pre-requisites please ask BABTAC for the relevant endorsement document if you would like to be made aware of these before purchasing. For clarification on the pre-requisites required please contact a membership advisor on 01452 623 110. Some of our prices have recently changed due to the Governments increase in (IPT) Insurance Premium Tax. If you have any questions regarding IPT, you can find out more by contacting our membership team on 01452 623 110.

Legal cover

The insurer is DAS Legal expenses insurance company Ltd (DAS). 

Cover up to £100,000 per year (individual) - £14.74

***Includes fees and premium IPT Tax

Comprehensive cover for Legal and Taxation cover, including Criminal Defence, Legal and Tax Advice, Counselling and Business Support Services. Jury or witness service compensation for loss of income as a result of attending. Defence of legal rights involving Criminal proceedings, Data Protection and other legislation cover, wrongful arrest and actions against you for unlawful discrimination. Negotiation and representation (including Accountants fees) in event of HMRC partial or full enquiry. Business assistance helpline and Disciplinary Hearings Defence and Legal Expenses if you lose your Statutory Licence to practice.

Full summary details available here.

DAS legal and taxation cover up to £100,000 per year business turnover (salon)

***Includes fees and premium IPT Tax

In addition the above this policy also covers the following: Comprehensive cover for solicitors' and barristers' fees, court costs, expenses for expert witnesses, attendance and accountants' for; Employment disputes, legal expenses, disciplinary hearings, contract disputes, property protection and bodily injury and taxation protection.

Up to £100,000 per year - £31.80

Up to £250,000 per year - £48.00

Up to £500,000 per year - £59.40

Up to £1,000,000 per year - £76.28

Full summary details available here.

Skin needling techniques

STEREX bio skin jetting - £45.21

Skin needling up to 1.5mm for
the face & body - £188.80

Skin needling face up to 1.5mm &
3mm for body - £200.00

Advanced Electrolysis - £100.84
(cover includes everything you are qualified for)
red veins, skin tags, milia, warts etc

Micropigmentation - £256.00
(cover includes everything you are
qualified for) eyebrows, eyeline, lip line, lip blush etc and all medical

Mesotherapy - (Uses syringes of no specific depth to deliver vitamins and pharmaceuticals into the skin to promote the loss of fat or cellulite) £274.80

Microblading - £284.00

Complementary techniques

Acupuncture - £95.41
Colonic Hydrotherapy - £199.06
Dry needling - £95.40
Shireen by INJEX - £156.10


Corporate teaching - £190.01
for a training institute that provides qualifications to cover up to 3 tutors and
250 students per year.

Corporate teaching - £32.98
Individual teaching for up to 40 students per year.

***This is for training schools delivering full qualifications

Please click here for more details about teaching.

Advanced skin peels

Janssen 60% peeling, CIBTAC endorsed - £32.98

Advanced skin peeling for 10-50% AHA/glycolic peels - £32.98

Skin Geeks peels by IMAGE - £144.80
An extension provided for therapists who have completed their specialist training for Image advanced peels with Skin Geeks. 

Dermologica bio surface peel - £32.98

Other extensions

Piercing of the top of the cartilaginous portion of ear, nose or naval, lip or tongue - £43.97

Laser or light therapy

Pre-requisites for this extension are as follows; Level 2/ Level 3 General beauty therapy and you must have manufacturers training. We encourage any Laser/IPL (light therapy) practitioner to undertake the new Level IV Laser and IPL qualification although it is not a requirement for Insurance cover until 2018

Laser hair restoration for therapists who have completed specialist training - £940.00

Laser or light therapy hair removal up to skin type VI - £940.00

Laser or light therapy red vein treatment and skin rejuvenation - £940.00

Laser lipo - £940.00
(level 3 beauty therapy training is required as a pre-requisite) only applies if hair removal is not purchased

Lipo glaze and lipo light - £206.97
for therapists who have completed specialist training

3D Lipo (If the treatment includes cryolipolysis) - £990.40

Cryolipolysis - £990.40

Cryopen - £133.49

Cryotherapy - £133.49

Dermapen - £156.10

Meta Therapy - (Uses a pen with a limited needle length to penetrate the skin so the maximum of active ingredients are administered into the skin to help with the overall condition of skin)  £190.01

Laser Tattoo Removal - £996.00


(the following extended options relate to the premises not the individuals)

Sunbeds (more than 1)  - £51.43

Sunlight therapy (price per property) - £156.10


Please note the extensions are subject to certain pre-requisites. For more information call the membership department on 01452 623110 (option 1)

***All extensions include fees and IPT