Make a Difference

How we can all help? 


This Crisis has crippled our industry and many people and businesses are are in desperate need of support - one of the worrying statistics to come out of our COVID Surveys was that 18% of beauty and hair businesses had not managed to qualify for ANY government funding or grants over the past 5 months. Given the length of time our industry have had to remain closed this statistic is even more dire. While we understand that everyone in our industry has been detrimentally affected, we do hope that as each business does manage to reopen you will keep in mind those, who for whatever reason, still cannot reopen and if you are able to make even the smallest contribution it will all go to supporting those in our industry worst affected.

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If you are able to provide more help either financially or by assisting perhaps with small donations of supplies (e.g. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you may have in your salons e.g. gloves, sanitiser, masks) below are some charitible options for you to consider supporting.