Continuous professional development for accredited centres

Continuous professional development for BABTAC Short Course Accredited centres

As a BABTAC Accredited Short Course provider, you will be able to issue CPD certificates to students or add the point’s value to your current qualification certificate, so students gain CPD points as well as their qualification.  This will aid success in their future development and employment, as well as reinforcing your high standards and commitment as a training provider to their education.

Your qualifications will gain further recognition and value to potential students, without any further cost to you. CPD can also benefit your lecturers or trainers as they can accumulate points, when attending other BABTAC Accredited Short Course providers.

How do I issue CPD points to my students?

When you have completed your BABTAC Short Course Accreditation process, you will receive a confirmation letter, within this will outline how many points you can allocate to your course

Help and Support

If you would like any more help or guidance on CPD, please call our Short Course Accreditation helpline on 01452 623110 (option 6)

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