Indian head massage

Massage has always featured very heavily in the Indian traditions. All the family would play key roles in administering massage and so every member could enjoy its benefits.

Head massage was traditionally used by the Indian women as a way of improving and maintaining the condition of their hair. Today the effects of Indian head massage are considered to be much more widespread on the whole body and mind.

The head, neck, shoulders and upper back are worked with firm rhythmical movements, over the client’s clothes, for 15-20 minutes.

Some of the main benefits of this treatment include...

Soothing of tension
Easing headaches and reducing frequency
Relieving eyestrain
Restoring concentration and reducing tiredness
General relaxation
Increasing movement in the head, neck and shoulders
Improving hair growth and hair condition
Improving scalp problems

Indian Head Massage is a versatile, economical and non-invasive treatment.