Lymphatic drainage massage

This treatment will assist the movement of fluid called Lymph. This fluid is part of the Lymphatic system of our body which aids the removal of waste products by increasing its circulation. This manual treatment will consist of a light massage with the pressure and direction of the movements working towards the Lymph nodes of the body.

These nodes are placed in bunches at strategic places such as the back of the knees and top of the legs. Limbs may be elevated above the nodes during the massage with the support of a pillow to help speed up the Lymph circulation.

Lymph fluid runs through a system of vessels in a similar way to our blood. However Lymph, unlike the blood, does not have a heart to pump it around the body, it relies on muscular contractions to keep it moving. Therefore, Lymph moves more slowly and needs to be stimulated.

Exercise is an ideal way of stimulating removal of Lymph, without constant movement of our bodies our tissues would eventually become waterlogged.

Lymph Drainage massage is particularly beneficial for those who retain excess fluid and those who suffer from cellulite.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a name given by Beauty Therapists to a particular condition that tends to accumulate in the thighs, buttocks, and upper arms of the female and the abdomen of the male.

Cellulite is fat cells and fluids trapped together with waste products. The blood circulation is restricted giving the area a ‘cool’ feel and it looks different to normal tissue as it dimpled in appearance.

Cellulite can be referred to as ’soft’ or ‘hard’. This indicates the amount of fluid present and how long the condition has been present.

Cellulite is said to be more common in a female as its formation is linked to the female hormones which are involved in the formation of fat cells. It can be painful as nerve endings are under pressure and it can cause some people a lot of anguish.

There are several treatments available in a Beauty Salon for Cellulite that can be effective improving the condition and appearance. It is important to realise that homecare, diet and exercise will also have an effect on improving this condition.

Will a Swedish body massage improve Lymphatic drainage?

All massage will increase the flow on the circulation which includes the Lymphatic flow. However, Lymphatic massage will produce a more concentrated effect on this system and in turn achieve greater results than normal Swedish massage.