Mechanical massage

A massage that will produce a deeper effect in comparison to manual massage. It gives an invigorating treatment stimulating the skin and muscles.

As this treatment incorporates a mechanical massager (often referred to as G5), it is used over muscle bulk and hard fatty tissues that require softening and dispersing.

Some clients prefer this treatment as it is less personal that a manual massage. The invigorating effect is often preferred by male clients who require a deeper massage.

Do not confuse this treatment with ‘body lifts’, it is renowned in helping improve skin texture and heavy tissue deposits but not muscle toning. For the best results it should be used in conjunction with other treatments and a reduction diet.

These treatments are offered in health spas and larger salons that offer body treatments.

How often would I need to have this treatment to treat hard fat on my thighs?

It would be recommended that treatments be given twice a week minimum in a salon.

This treatment sounds rather vigorous. Would I enjoy it?

This can be a very relaxing treatment as well as invigorating.

An invigorating treatment is not necessarily an uncomfortable treatment. A mechanical massage sends a series of vibrations through the skin and muscles; the pressure is varied considering the client comfort and the requirements. Try a back or leg massage to introduce you to it. If you enjoy massage, you will enjoy this treatment.