Team Self Esteem

Team Self Esteem

Give your clients and yourself the best kind of confidence boost. Feel good fixes all round…

Confidence is completely intertwined with the beauty industry, in fact boosting a client’s self-esteem is as important as the way you make them look. Especially when a recent poll by Boots discovered that 90% of the nation don’t feel confident in themselves. But while on the surface this appears a sad state of affairs, it’s one that can be easily remedied – with the help of the beauty industry. In fact, the same survey found that nearly two thirds of people felt more confident when surrounding themselves with people who lift their confidence… enter the beauty therapists, or rather Team Self Esteem. It’s time to upskill in confidence class and champion everyone to feel like the best versions of themselves…

One of the most important things to remember when trying to make a client feel confident is that it won’t necessarily happen immediately. For many they will need to learn to trust you, your services and that post-treatment self-esteem high before they open up. It can be a long process, but if you put in groundwork in from appointment one it will come. 
 “A client will judge you in the first 30 seconds, so first impressions are everything.” agrees confidence coach and author* Ania Jeffries. “Clients need to feel special and know they can confide in you, so work on building this rapport as soon as you meet them. A little non-verbal communication goes a long way; smile when you first meet them and, if it suits your personality, bond with a light touch on their arm as you walk them through to the treatment room. 
It’s also important to make eye contact with them - a few seconds will let them know you care about serving them.” Think about implementing a standard new client procedure for yourself and any staff and that way everyone always gets to start on the same confidence building page, it could be part of the company induction and training. 

Something else to consider when carefully crafting this confidence relationship, is how important it is to respect your client’s personal space. Of course for many treatments you will have to get up close and personal, but, as you know, this should be done with tact. This especially matters when carrying out services like waxing and spray tans thanks to the degree of naked-ness required. Often clients feel more comfortable during naked and/or noisy treatments to have some music or the radio playing in the background. Awkward silences begone! Bear in mind that when clients are going through big life changes – pregnancy and long-term illness for example - you’ll have to be even more aware of space, mentally as well as physically.
It is also key to pick your words carefully and only chat about things the clients bring up, be it holidays or their recent divorce. Their treatment, their choice! Treat every client like a VIP every time and be subtle, discreet and kind. 
And don’t worry about wobbles. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the industry, you can still feel anxious when meeting a new client or carrying out a different treatment. However, you’ve got to keep calm, even when you don’t fully feel it yourself. “Customers have come to you for a treatment because they want to feel better about themselves as well as being chilled out,” adds Jeffries. “Check in with them to ensure they are happy with every element of your service.” 

A detailed consultation will help you tailor a treatment but you need to check in with clients as the service progresses too. It also works as an easy and effective confidence climber. “Ask clients how they’re doing but be friendly, not pushy with your chat, always remembering to listen and hear what they are saying,” says Jeffries. 
On the other hand, learn to read the situation – and your client. If they love to chat, go for it. If they’re more of the quiet type and you can see them closing their eyes and shutting down the conversation, respect that too. 
 Another crucial point to remember is to never rush a client to get ready and leave, instead open up the conversation by asking them for feedback – whether it’s about the treatment, the products used or how they feel about their finished look. Asking their opinion will make them feel important and if there’s something in particular that they like make a note of it for their next visit and ensure you use it. This will show them that you care and instil a sense of friendship rather than just a business transaction. 


  1. Personalise your beauty work space; add candles, music and crystals that make you feel good.
  2. Team up with a beauty peer and take it in turns to pamper each other once a week. It’s all too easy to fall to the bottom of the list and if you’re not feeling positive it can be harder to lift clients’ in your company.
  3. Give something for nothing. By offering a freebie on a treatment or gifting someone a sachet sample to brighten their day, it will in turn lift your own self-esteem.
  4. Take time out (between clients or before opening) to be outside. Even when it’s chilly, being in the fresh air and seeing trees or flowers is known to raise your energy and confidence levels while allowing for reflection. Ideally go for a walk, but if the work diary doesn’t allow just take a five-minute breather.
  5. Focus on your mindset. Is it positive or negative? How can you reframe your inner chatter so that you feel good about yourself and can in turn help your clients.
  6. When things do get tough talk it through with a friend or work colleague. You may also be able to return the favour. 
  7. At the end of each work day, jot down three things that made you smile or feel proud as a beauty professional – you can do this in your work diary or in a special notebook, but it needs to be somewhere where you can reach when those trickier days hit. 
  8. Pop a pretty jar at reception or till point with little feedback cards for clients to fill in, keep each and every one as a reminder of the good work you do. 
  9. Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Keep on top of new trends, training opportunities and the latest research in your beauty services.  Push yourself, stay passionate and always aim to do your best, it will make you feel good from inside out. 
  10. Breathe. Ten deep breaths in front of the mirror will make all the difference. It's a classic confidence trick but it works every time.
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