Baby your a Firework

Baby your a Firework


Add some serious sparkle to your services as the pre-party season kicks off… 

QUESTION: With the biggest and busiest beauty time on the horizon, just how do you refresh and revive your business to make it your best season yet? Well we’ve got news for you - a few little tweaks and treats along the way makes all the difference. Here’s our top ten tips so you, your beauty set up and season looks its very, sparkly best…

1. Say my name, say my name 
Now is the perfect time for a name change. Don’t panic, you don’t have to retrain but mixing up how you package your treatments could mean extra sales. “Give your services a special set of names,” suggests pro MUA and nail tech, Jessica Constanti, @jessicarogue_. “I listed my girls’ night out make-up and lash packages after famous characters – for example I offer The Carrie Bradshaw and The Kim Kardashian! My clients loved the refresh, it adds interest and also inspires them and me when I’m getting them glammed up.” The new treatment names can come from anything be it a beauty, celeb or personal focus. It could even be cities or cocktails. Get creative and then get your menus re-written asap. 

2. Picture Perfect
“Social media is your go-to for showing off and sharing all the sparkle you’re adding to your services,” says facialist Leesa Keys, owner and co-founder of Skin Base ( “Offer a discount and encourage followers to share the post, check in or tag other beauty fans.” Also consider offering a discount for client’s willing to share pictures for you to use on your feeds because the more you’re tagged into, the more people can see what you can do. Chat to them about it during their treatments so it doesn’t feel like such a big task ahead and think about setting up a mini social media snap area in your salon or workspace. Some clever lighting and pretty décor will have clients fighting to take part in their own mini photo shoots. 

3. Mystery Shopper
Ok, confession time, do you get bored of your clients requesting the same looks – be it nails, hair, make-up, tans – all the time? It’s hard to offer a refresh if everyone is stuck in a beauty rut. “Persuading customers to switch things up can be a challenge,” says Constanti. “So I give them a little incentive; my clients can book in for a “Mystery Mani” whereby they get 10% off the service and I get to do whatever manicure I like! Not only does this allow me to create something a little bit special, I get to show the client how amazing something different looks. I also capture it all for social media so I can further use my handiwork to show off my skills while adding variety to my feed.” This can work whatever kind of beauty options you offer whether it’s hair, make-up or even trying to upsell a facial. By squeezing in a taster of a new product or technique, clients might be more inclined to try an extended version next time. Often it’s a fear of the unknown that stops people leaving their comfort zone.

4. Fizzy Fixers
Do some undercover work to discover what extras your competitors offer as many don’t bother. “Those small touches make all of the difference,” says Keys. “A chilled glass of fizz while clients have their cut and colour maybe? Or offering a complimentary neck and shoulder massage while doing a mask during a facial go a very long way.” You could even create a mini menu of free pre-party extras so clients can choose their own sparkly extra whether it’s a sweet treat or a hand massage at the backwash. 


5. Top up on Trends
“Therapists should always be aware of trending and newly discovered products,” says Kirsten Maine, Director of Live True London Salons ( “Early Autumn trade shows are great places to discover what is new and improved in the industry.” Don’t be afraid to talk to your clients about your new findings and share with your team as well. If clients can see you’re enthused by a new service or look or product, they’ll want in too. And as a heads up for next season’s hottest looks, check out our AW19 Trend Report on page 10 of Vitality!

6. Look the Part
“You can’t overstate the obvious, look the part and always appear professional,” says Maine. Tidy hair, nails and neat clothes are a no brainer but would a new team t-shirt or pin badge make that little bit of difference? Or what about always getting your team to dress in black? Or wear a specific colour? What you wear is a massive part of your brand image and helps clients identify with what you stand for. For example the Cowshed Spa Teams ( always wear blue jeans and white t-shirts to carry out treatments, which looks country chic and casual but is still practical and smart enough to assert authority. 

7. Hidden Extras 
It’s at this time of year you start to see everyone bumping up their party packages. This can be daunting if you’re riding solo or have a smaller set up with limited budgets. But it is do-able. “Look at ways to include free or discounted products as an upgrade,” says Keys. “Perhaps offer an eyebrow shape with any lash lift, a file and polish with any pedicure or a deluxe microdermabrasion facial with a mask and massage. This way, you’re not giving away too much of your time or using lots of products, but you are giving a little something extra.”

8. The Personal Touch 
As a beauty professional, remembering the details about clients comes naturally, but as party season looms, our brains can get over run with treatments, times and top ups so we can slip up even with our best loved clients. “Make a note of something about every client at every appointment on their record card,” says Maine. “An event, holiday, place to sit in the salon or how they like their tea…it all makes them feel special and sparkly inside.” 

9.The Early Bird 
“I always encourage clients to book ahead and secure their appointments before any events to avoid disappointment,” says Maine. “Especially with routine waxing, nails and eyebrows that should be done about 24/48 hours before they want to look their beauty best.” This early doors appointment booking also helps you get your party time work diary in order and allows you to plan ahead, not just with your schedule but also your product and kit orders so you don’t have to waste any money on last minute dashes to expensive stores to get essential items. 

10. Party Blog
"Everyone loves a goodie bag, It's a fact" says Constanti. "Keep it cost effective for you...add the mascara or lipstick you’ve used on them, or make the most of the minis that brands you work with offer as little upsell options.” Just one little bag will make any client’s day and you never know, they may showcase their freebies on social media which means more eyes on you. It might also jog their memory when it comes to gift buying for others if they’ve tried and tested some of the products you have on offer. Win win all round.