Accrediting for Success

Accrediting for Success

Short courses are a fantastic way to top up your beauty knowledge or get an introduction to something new. While it’s great that our industry has reopened, making sure that your business can respond to the changing demands of clients is more important than ever to ensure that customers keep coming back for more.

If you’ve been thinking about sharing your professional knowledge and experience with others then providing training through a short course is a great place to start. As we continue to campaign to raise standards in the industry more and more people are becoming aware of the need to look for course that has been accredited by a reputable industry body. A BABTAC accredited logo will give your students the confidence that they are high quality course with a professionally qualified, verified and insured therapist.

To get you inspired we spoke to three providers of BABTAC Accredited courses, showing just how varied the training can be, we work with all business of every size, from individuals working from one location through to large companies running courses across the UK.

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Lecente, Nationwide

We all know Lecente’s amazing nail products for professionals but did you know they now offer training as well? We spoke to Theresa Foddering, Head of Education.

Tell us about Lecente courses?

Courses are led by a team of skilled, highly trained hand-picked Educators. With a primary focus on science and anatomy, those attending the courses cover all units to ensure any gaps from previous education are covered, so even long established professionals will receive a ‘refresh’ to keep their knowledge current. The courses have been designed with modern teaching practices; with part online and part in person. The digital environment allows learning to be accessible for everyone in this ‘new normal’ we are living in, whilst still receiving regular teaching and support from their educator including a 1-2-1 virtual session. The assessment day will be in person to ensure those high standards are met.

Why did you choose to get BABTAC Accreditation?

We carefully researched many accreditation bodies before selecting our chosen accreditor. Accreditation varies greatly, and we wanted one which was extensive and premium. This was a hugely important area for us; thorough checks, criteria, and standards to meet were our minimum requirements of an accreditation process. Due to our approach to education being unique and extensive we were reviewed as an individual case, which was a lengthy process with ongoing checks. We are proud to be successfully accepted by BABTAC, who are highly respected and renowned for high standards within the industry. They seek an extensive manifesto that is verified and ensures all pre-requisites are met.

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Mooeys, Surrey

Amy Lewis, Mooeys Founder, tells us about the fantastic training that they offer and why they chose to get BABTAC Accreditation

What type of BABTAC accredited training do you provide?

We have wax training courses that range from the Essential Master which is designed for the complete beginner who has never waxed before, to the Absolute Master for the experienced intimate waxer. At Mooeys Masters, we want to provide a training option for all therapists who want to specialise in waxing, no matter what their level of experience is. You can't beat hands-on training for the connection and the meeting of minds, especially with other therapists.

We really prioritise advanced knowledge too. The Intimate and Absolute Master courses have so much more information than just wax application. Our advanced courses teach both Sexual Health and Pregnancy waxing too. These modules are unique as they have been written by medical professionals (a Midwife and Breastfeeding expert, and a Senior Registered NHS Nurse), to really give a thorough understanding of the parts of the body you are waxing. We always cover hygiene and detailed knowledge of contraindications in all our courses as this is such important information that we can never know enough about.

We are also provide online training - The Comprehensive Guide to Fertility Treatment. (Available now on Teachable). To help beauty professionals know what their client is going through and how to adapt the service they are offering to support them. It's the sort of education that you didn't even know you needed until you have done it; then you wonder why nobody has taught you this before as it is so valuable.

Why did you choose to have your short course accredited with BABTAC?

Because it is the best accreditation! It is the most recognised across insurance companies, it is stricter than most accreditation because they truly care what they are putting their name to, and that integrity matters to us as a brand. We are not about cheap tick-box qualifications; Mooeys Masters is about creating a consistent standard of excellence within the beauty industry and that is why BABTAC was the perfect fit for us.

We really want to make this sort of knowledge accessible to all therapists, however this information is for the therapist who really wants to be the expert and wants to be the best at what they do, or for the salon who wants to have a reputation for waxing. After all, it is one of the most profitable treatments we do, so we really should invest in the products we use and the knowledge we have when it comes to this lucrative service.

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Faith Elder Beauty Academy, Dundee

Faith took time out of her hectic schedule to give us an insight into what they offer therapists looking to learn more.

What type of BABTAC accredited training do you provide?

I’m an experienced and qualified Beauty Therapist, Teacher, Trainer and Assessor, with a passion for all things beauty. For those who share my passion we offer a wide range of affordable courses, there are 19 courses in total ranging from waxing and lash lifts through to facial treatments and make-up. The sessions are taught in even numbers to allow candidates to partner up with each other. One to one training can also be provided upon request and according to availability.

Whilst our courses state a duration, they are approximate as students do not leave the academy or get certificated until they are fully trained and fully confident to carry out treatments on clients. Our passion is to teach and inspire others to go on to have a successful and fulfilling career within the beauty industry.

Why did you choose to have your short course accredited with BABTAC?

After a lot of research, I chose to have my courses accredited by BABTAC because I loved what BABTAC had to offer, the website is very easy to navigate and looks so professional.

I also received great telephone support.  I preferred the fact that manuals, lesson plans, Scheme of Work & Tests all had to be created by myself, this was not an easy task however BABTAC gave me all the support I required to achieve this. The ongoing professionalism of BABTAC is at such a high standard I am delighted to have been a member for over 10 years.

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