Focus on: Pregnancy Facials

Focus on: Pregnancy Facials

Focus on: Pregnancy facials 

A pampering facial is arguably the ultimate self-care indulgence. An hour or more of skin-reviving bliss, it’s no wonder clients often doze off half way through. 

And yet during pregnancy - a time when that pampering is more-needed than ever - it can be hard to prioritise facials, and difficult to know if they’ll be safe for you and your growing baby.

Urban brings the salon and spa to people’s homes

Enter Urban, the massage delivery app that in 2018 expanded to offer beauty treatments at home, and in 2021 launched a dedicated pregnancy category. Now the UK’s leading massage app, they’re on a mission to bring a human touch to city life - literally with home treatments – but in the way they do business too.

Since the launch of beauty (which includes facials, nails, hair removal, lashes and brows) Urban’s partnered with more than 500 mobile beauty professionals and delivered over 35,000 beauty treatments. They empower self-employed professionals to take home at least 70% of the treatment fee, with London beauty pros having earned over £1.1million so far via beauty treatments alone. 

We caught up with the app’s head of quality, Nadege Louvet, to discuss their growing beauty and pregnancy category, putting the spotlight on their Pregnancy facial treatment. 

What is Urban’s pregnancy facial treatment? 

In October 2021, Urban launched their pregnancy category which includes tailored osteopathy, massages and facials.  

The pregnancy facial was designed to give clients a treatment option that met their changing skin needs. With hormonal changes during pregnancy, there can be all sorts of unexpected skin surprises, from acne to hyperpigmentation. Urban’s Pregnancy glow facial nourishes and balances skin and is the perfect pregnancy-safe treatment to truly pamper.  

Unlike osteopathy and massage, which are not bookable before week 13 of pregnancy, pregnancy facial is suitable at any stage of pregnancy, including the first trimester. 

What is the difference between a normal facial and a pregnancy facial?

One of the main differences between a normal facial and a pregnancy facial is the type of products used. All products used in a Pregnancy glow facial are pregnancy-safe and therapists are trained on the products and brands they use to ensure their kit is appropriate for a pregnancy treatment.

The position the client is in can also be different to a normal facial. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, the client will be invited to sit or lie in a position that’s comfortable and safe for their baby. 

What happens during a pregnancy facial?

Every treatment begins with a quick consultation to understand the client’s skin concerns. The Urban pro will then perform a series of gentle steps to rebalance, hydrate and massage the skin, leaving it dewy and plump. They use salon-grade products that are safe for use in pregnancy. 

How popular is pregnancy facial?

Since launching in October 2021, Urban’s Pregnancy glow facial has grown rapidly in popularity. Urban has seen double the amount of orders in the last three months as customers become more familiar with the treatment. In March 2022, it was the fourth most popular of Urban’s facial treatments, highlighting the growing demand.

It’s not just Urban customers who are loving this treatment, pregnancy facial has been popular amongst Urban professionals as well with 85% of active facial pros having the pregnancy treatment in their offering.

Interested in joining Urban as a mobile practitioner?

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