Inside the wonderful world of CBD

Inside the wonderful world of CBD

If you haven’t yet been acquainted with the luxury, London-based CBD brand, Kloris, now is the perfect time, Vitality Editor, Becci Vallis finds out more.

Offering their treatments all over the world, as well as at their boutique flagship store on Carnaby Street, London, KLORIS is a brand that focus on scientific evidence, sustainability and ethical practices. People and planet positive, we spoke to Kim Smith, one of the co-founders about the latest developments within the business and what we can expect in the future…

Do you think CBD has become more widely accepted in the beauty world now?

Yes absolutely, as the positive reviews continue to flood in around CBD use and the sector becomes more mature, people are starting to understand it better. That said, there is still a lot of education to be done to the mainstream which presents a real opportunity for therapists and destinations who are interested in newness and introducing innovation to their clients. 

How do you incorporate your products into your spa treatments and is there a most popular treatment people tend to go for?

We look to create treatments that enhance the experience of our products. Our pillars focus on better sleep, less stress, calmer skin, symptoms of menopause and pain. We tailor experiences around these pillars - particularly sleep, stress and physical restoration.

What’s the most common feedback you get from customers post treatment who have never used CBD products before? 

They report a better night’s sleep following a treatment, a calmer mood, less irritated skin and a relaxing of physical tensions. 

Which spas are you in now?

We are proud partners of BVLGARI, Nobu, Six Senses, Rosewood, Lucknam Park and many more across the world. We also have our own treatment city-edit at our flagship store in London.

Is your aim to be used by more therapists, spas and salons?

We are quite selective on partners and collaborators, because we put a lot of resources into comprehensive education both at the onboarding stage and ongoing support. We need to feel confident that our partners can communicate our key values and knowledge accurately. I feel very lucky to say we have the most incredible brand partners with the most amazing teams.

For a therapist wanting to consider incorporating CBD into their treatments or their retail offerings, what are the most important factors they need to consider?

Therapists should do their homework - not all CBD products are created equal. Reach out and ask for credentials, lab reports etc. If it can't or won't be provided, then don't use that product or brand. 

Tell us what you’re most proud of as a brand.

I am genuinely proud of our sustainability efforts - from our supply chains, to packaging and our truly clean formulations. I am also so proud that we have always been and always will be gimmick free. We focus on delivering what our customers and clients want.

What exciting things are happening for Kloris in 2024?

More hotel, spa and resort destinations to be announced. We’re also going into new international markets and of course some launches of new products.

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