New Supercharged Skin Treatment

New Supercharged Skin Treatment

New supercharged skin treatment brings luminosity to a whole new level

Targeting hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, Dermalogica’s new LuminFusion treatment has proved to be in high demand since launching last year.

LuminFusion combines a powerful retinol and hydroxy acid blend, targeted eye peel and Daily Microfoliant for exfoliation stacking; nanoinfusion technology to infuse active ingredients; and LED red light therapy to provide that ultimate skin glow. This advanced, 60-minute skin treatment, performed exclusively by a Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist, leads to unparalleled skin luminosity with no downtime. 

The LuminFusion treatment starts with a double cleanse to remove makeup and oils, followed by an exfoliant packed with retinol, salicylic and lactic acid that offers a professional level of resurfacing. Further to this, a targeted eye peel patch is applied to exfoliate and hydrate in one step.  A Professional Skin Therapist then performs nanoinfusion around the eyes to drive actives deeper, followed by nanoinfusion over the exfoliant, supporting ingredient penetration and amplifying skin resurfacing. As a final level of exfoliation stacking, the formula is removed with a frothy application of Daily Microfoliant, revealing visibly brighter skin only halfway through the treatment. 

The client is then prepped for red light therapy (LED) to energize and boost skin regeneration. Dermalogica’s professional-only Light Energy Masque is applied to work synergistically with LED and amplify treatment results. Finally, the masque is removed, instantly revealing smoother, more radiant, glass-like skin. 

“Today clients want instant results from their skin treatments, but don’t want lengthy downtime and recovery,” says Dermalogica’s Education Director, Angela Taylor. “LuminFusion utilises our expertise and personalised approach to skin treatments, by combining our advanced professional products and techniques to achieve optimum results for clients who are serious about their skin concerns and are looking to achieve instant skin luminosity and an incredible healthy glow!”

LuminFusion draws on the use of Dermalogica’s new ProPen, benefitting from fantastic, CIBTAC Endorsed training, this is a professional-only microneedling and nanoinfusion device in one. Along with Dermalogica’s professional-grade exfoliants and masques, the LuminFusion treatment helps clients achieve their healthiest skin in partnership with their skin therapist. 

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