Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

The Blissful Benefits of Pregnancy Massage for Maternal Health

Our BABTAC award winning member and owner of Bump & Beyond, Katie Pearson discusses how therapists, can support and nurture clients in this sacred time.

May brings along a glimmer of summer, long weekends and importantly Maternal Health Awareness week. This year, it runs from the 29th of April to the 5th May and the theme is ‘Rediscovering you’. This week is all about raising awareness of perinatal mental health problems, whether it be before, during or after pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be a beautiful journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and, let’s face it, a fair share of discomfort. From morning sickness, backaches, to anxiety and insomnia, expectant mothers experience a range of physical and emotional changes, as they nurture the precious life growing within them.

Amongst this whirlwind, pregnancy massage brings a nurturing sanctuary, offering multiple benefits for maternal health and well-being.

These include:

1. Alleviates aches and pains: As the body undergoes significant changes to accommodate the growing baby, expectant mothers often experience discomfort in various areas such as the back, hips, and legs. Pregnancy massage employs gentle techniques to target these areas, easing muscle tension and reducing pain. The soothing touch of a skilled massage therapist can provide much-needed relief, allowing mothers-to-be to relax and enjoy a respite from their discomfort.

2. Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Pregnancy can be a time of heightened emotions and anxiety as expectant mothers navigate the physical and emotional demands of impending motherhood. Massage therapy has been shown to decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol while increasing the release of feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. This natural mood enhancement promotes relaxation and can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, promoting a sense of calm and well-being for both mother and baby.

3. Improves Circulation: Pregnancy often leads to changes in blood circulation, which can result in swelling and discomfort, particularly in the legs and feet. Massage therapy enhances blood flow throughout the body, aiding in the removal of toxins and reducing swelling in affected areas.

4. Enhances Sleep Quality: Many expectant mothers struggle with insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns due to hormonal changes, discomfort, and anxiety about the impending arrival of their baby. Regular massage therapy can promote relaxation and improve sleep quality by stimulating the release of serotonin. By promoting restful sleep, pregnancy massage helps expectant mothers feel more refreshed and energised to tackle the demands of pregnancy and prepare for the journey ahead.

5. Fosters Emotional Well-being: Pregnancy is a time of profound emotional transformation as expectant mothers prepare for the arrival of their baby and adjust to the changes in their body and lifestyle. Massage therapy provides a nurturing environment for mothers-to-be to connect with their bodies and their growing babies, fostering a sense of emotional well-being and bonding.

Our job role in Beauty Therapy has always gone further than ‘just’ giving a massage, or beauty treatment. We listen, without judgement, to how our client is feeling physically and emotionally. We support them in the hard times and find a way on how they can benefit the most from the time in our treatment room. These core values within our industry mean so much during a clients pregnancy journey. Sometimes clients need a safe space to talk about their worries and fears, or silence after an overwhelming day.

Finding a way to relate to our clients concerns, show empathy and have confidence in our treatments will give our client the most out of their time with us. There is no need to be frightened to perform a treatment on a pregnant client. With the correct training and thorough consultation, we can perform a safe and effective complementary therapy, supporting and nurturing our clients in this sacred time.