Coronavirus Health & Safety Tips & Updates

Coronavirus Health & Safety Tips

In light of the current concerns surrounding the increase in cases of Coronavirus in the UK our Health & Safety Expert Partner, Hygenisys, have provided us with the following tips for our members. As the situation in the UK remains very fluid presently we strongly recommend that all our members continue to keep themselves up to date on all aspects of the virus and its implications for both your own personal health, those of your clients, staff and your business. We have provided a number of important links below that are being regularly updated for you to keep as up to date as possible.
  • Frequent handwashing should take place before, during a treatment when required and after each client.  Hands should be washed thoroughly, remembering to use the paper towels to turn the taps off. 
  • When touching the face, hair, other areas on the body  hands should be washed thoroughly, following NHS guidelines
  • The wash hand basins, taps, soap dispenser should be cleaned and sanitised frequently with your current disinfectant, you will need to assess frequency of use in relation to cleaning. 
  • It is good practice to always thoroughly wash your hands between clients, rather than using sanitisers, after washing hands then they can use a hand sanitiser as an added precaution.
  • All touch points should be cleaned frequently during the day  e.g. 2 hourly or less, this includes door push plates/handles, light switches, fridge handles, touch points on any shelving, toilet flush 
  • Touch screens, equipment, phones iPads, tills, card machines should be disinfected/sanitised on a frequent basis – this must be assessed according to usage
  • If staff have cold/flu like symptoms they should be sent home and advised to ring the NHS helpline for more information. GPs’ are advising to stay at home and not to attend hospital
  • Staff should sneeze into tissues, which are binned immediately and hands are washed following NHS guidelines
  • A reminder should be sent to staff not to wear their uniforms home or to work and staff should be changing their uniforms on a daily basis or washed daily
  • Where possible a change of footwear would be good practice when working in the salon
  • Having extra anti bactericidal wipes for clients to wipe their hands should be offered, alternatively they should be encouraged to wash their hands on entering the premises.  A notice can be displayed explaining why
  • Make sure the health questionnaires are being completed by visitors, including enforcement officers and contractors, before entering the premises. You may wish to add on a question asking if they have travelled recently and where to?
Should you have any further concerns or questions please contact Hygenisys directly on 0345 6039288 who will be happy to give advice over the phone
Alternatively for further current updates, advice and assistance on all aspects of the virus both in the UK and internationally, please click on the links below:

Among a number of Resources available on the CIPD link above is also a downloadable Comprehensive Employee Response Guide which you can access here: