Latest Coronavirus Update for Members

Latest Coronavirus Update for Members

In Yesterday’s PM statement the government announced further measures in enforcing social distancing. As well as pubs and restaurants, gyms and leisure centres must now close their doors. This includes spas, wellness centres and massage parlours. There is at present not further clarification on beauty salons, hair salons and barber shops and as such unfortunately the onus still remains on many of our members to make responsible decisions themselves for now.

We understand how hard this decision is and hope government will provide more extensive information and a more definitive list on those that must close urgently. We have approached our contacts within government to provide us with this information as soon as possible, which we will communicate to our members as soon as we have received it. However it is becoming very apparent that ALL forms of Social Distancing are extremely important in ensuring that we all work together to fight this virus.

Many of our members have been in contact wanting to do the responsible thing and close doors but knowing that they stand to lose clients to businesses who won’t do the same.

At a time like this you may find that every other business in your area are all facing the same difficult decisions as you and while usually you would not work together, unusual times require unusual measures. We encourage our members to be the leaders and open the conversation yourselves and see if together you can join forces with all salons in your area to make a joint decision and promote that out as a united front to all the clients in your region.

There will always be those businesses that refuse to work with you but they will be conspicuous in their refusal to work together for the common good.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak also made unprecedented concessions to protect businesses and jobs and these will bring some relief and much needed support to small business at such a difficult time.

We understand that this is a very upsetting time for all therapists, we are putting together some ideas of how you can best prepare your business to bounce back when things return to normal as well as how to support your personal wellness, we will share these with you over the forthcoming weeks. 

BABTAC will be OPEN as usual on Monday at 09h00 for any help you may need.

Please click on the link below for details on those concessions.