BABTAC Member Update

Latest Update on Government Guidelines and Opening Dates

Time is marching on and everyone in our industry is understandably anxious to have a confirmed final opening date and guidelines from government as soon as possible.

We have chased Government and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) up on this daily and regret to announce that as of last night they still cannot give us a final date as to when our industry will definitely be able to return, or when their guidelines will be published.  Understandably Government must hold off this decision for as long as possible to ensure that the R rate does remain below 1 so they do not end up having to retract a date they have confirmed, which could cause even more difficulties for everyone. It is a very fine balancing act between giving our industry enough time to prepare to open and ensuring the date they give doesn't then change.

We know this is very unsatisfactory and share your frustrations but with a situation as fluid, unprecedented and changeable as the one we find ourselves in we have to believe government are doing their very best and will release their long awaited final guidelines and confirm our opening date as soon as legitimately possible.

Other Updates

Northern Ireland have announced that subject to the control of the COVID-19 rate our industry may return to work there on Monday the 6th July at the earliest. Please click here for their full update.

Scotland moved to phase 2 of lockdown on the 19th June and the full details can be read here. However no dates have yet been finalised for Phase 3 when Hair & Beauty are due to go back.

Wales - on Friday it was confirmed that a final announcement will only be made on the 9th July to confirm if it will be safe for hair & salon businesses to open thereafter, but to prepare for re-opening in the meantime. Read more here

We will continue to update our members as soon as we have any other details from Government, or any of the Devolved Nations.