Hairdressing Only to return on 4th July

Hairdressing Only to return on 4th July

Today the Prime Minister confirmed in Parliament that Hair Salons in England (only) will be able to reopen on Saturday the 4th July with stipulated safety precautions in place.

NO date has been confirmed for ANY other Beauty Services  (including Nail Bars) as yet. We have just clarified this with BEIS who have stated the following: 

'only hairdressers may open, everything else must stay closed until the Government (not the individual) determines it is safe for them to reopen'

Social Distancing

Boris also confirmed a relaxation of the original 2 metre rule for social distancing down to a minimum of 1 metre + (where 2 metres not possible) from the 4th of July.

While he confirmed all parts of the UK are heading in the same direction this applies only to England at this stage and remains conditional and reversible at any time it may be required.

For full details of the Prime Minster's update in the Houses of Commons  click here