Beauty to return in Full

Beauty to return in Full

There is no doubt in our minds that our industry has been, by far one of the worst hit by this crisis. We have been down the most difficult road and it has taken its toll on so many individuals and businesses.

Finally we have have been given the green light that everyone has been so desperately waiting for. Beauty in England may go back to offering ALL Treatments from the 1st August, providing they can be done safely and follow the updated government guidelines - which will be available next week. Government have clearly stated that failure to comply with the guidelines will be dealt with and they will be ensuring they are strictly monitored. They will also have no hesitation in reintroducing restrictions if necessary.

We know that this announcement has not come a moment too soon for many of you and we are incredibly grateful that this means that all businesses may now return to work and return to offering a full treatment menu. Government have listened to the countless calls to allow our industry to prove they are a safe, responsible and professional industry. The onus now very much lies on us to prove that we are and we know that our members will ensure they follow all protocols set out in the government guidelines.

Thank you to all those of you who took part in the additional urgent survey we put out ahead of our discussions with government this week, the facts and figures were included in our reports and we believe that your input definitely helped us outline the full extent of the crisis facing so many in our industry.

Devolved Nations Updates

Nicola Sturgeon still needs to make final announcements regarding the final guidelines for Beauty in Scotland - which is due to return imminently (next week Wednesday the 22nd July) - but so far no announcements have been made. 

​Wales - Beauty is still scheduled to go back on the 27th July and we still await their guidelines too.