Evolving Government Updates

Evolving Government Updates

Slowly but surely businesses across all the Nations are starting to open up again and we are so grateful to see so many of our members finally being able to return.

We are only too aware of the frustrations being shared with us regarding the ambiguity of guidelines and complaints that some insurance companies may be 'allowing' businesses to go against government guidelines. The rules on insurance cover are clear, provided you follow government guidelines, your relevant insurance cover is valid in the event of a valid claim for negligence.

 If for any reason you end up with any claim against you during this time, the risk assessments that you have carried out and documented and the adherence to the relevant government guidelines at the time will be taken into account on deciding if you had taken all reasonable steps to prevent loss or injury.

Government has stated that failure to complete a risk assessment which takes account of COVID-19, or completing a risk assessment but then failing to put in place sufficient measures to manage the risk of COVID-19, could constitute a breach of health and safety law.

Whether we all agree with the guidance or not it is there to protect each and every individual and is backed by the latest scientific facts and medical research. While we completely share in our members' dissatisfaction over the continual changes, amends and last minute decisions the governments make we can never lose sight of the fluidity of the ongoing crisis we all currently face. This is completely uncharted waters for everyone but the only way to get to the other side as soon as possible is to all play our part in limiting transmission.

It is also important to remember that England and the Devolved Nations keep updating their guidelines too in line with latest updates, research, trends and transmission rates so you need to make sure you have a copy of the most recent version and keep checking it against your own risk assessments to ensure they remain inline.

The latest versions of each nations guidelines can be clicked on below and the date they were last updated. Each government do also provide a breakdown of what updates were made and when.

For the latest England Guidelines click here (last updated on the 13th August)

For the Latest Welsh Guidelines click here (last updated on the 20th August) NB - please note there are new changes to the PPE requirements for treatments in the high risk zone!

For the latest Scottish Guidelines click here (last updated on the 8th August)  

Northern Ireland currently follow the England Guidelines and Public Health Updates here

One urgent response we have received directly from the Scottish Government is in line with the current misinterpretation of the guidance around removing the face masks of the client in Scotland. We received the following statement directly from the Scottish government (in advance of their next update which is not out yet) as so many members have asked for clarification on this. 

"Face coverings should be worn at all times and should not be removed for or during close contact services or treatments."  Scottish Government

Local Lockdowns and areas of concern are worryingly on the rise. Make sure you are up to date on what is happening in your area. One positive is that beauty in Leicester were allowed to begin returning to work on Wednesday the 19th August (with restrictions) but no further announcements for lifting any other local lockdowns have been made yet unfortunately. The most up to date Local Lockdown details can also be accessed here or if you need to speak to your local council you can access details here

Stay safe & stay compliant. Each and every business has a responsibility to not only ensure the safety of their staff and clients, but also to consciously do their part in ensuring the industry may remain open.

Finally a big thank you to any of our members or anyone you know who very kindly donated or promoted the Beauty Backed Campaign. The amount of money raised already has been astounding! If you would still like to donate please click on the link below, OR if you are personally in a desperate financial situation please contact The Hair & Beauty Charity as all funds raised are being donated directly to them.