CIBTAC Collaboration with No7 and Liz Earle

CIBTAC Collaboration with No7 and Liz Earle

No7 Beauty Company Launches UK’s First Industry-Endorsed Beauty Academy ‘Skin School’ for Its Beauty Advisors

The new beauty business introduces the first CIBTAC-endorsed training programme for beauty advisors, created in collaboration with experts

  • The initiative was created after 78% of 13,500 beauty consumers worldwide told No7 Beauty Company they would be interested in seeking future skincare advice if it was freely available1
  • All 1,600 No7 and Liz Earle beauty advisors will embark on a CIBTAC endorsed global skincare training programme
  • Created by No7 Beauty Company’s Global Beauty Academy, the Skin School programme has been developed in partnership with No7 scientists
  • Advised on by third party experts including the University of Manchester, aesthetician Dija Ayodele and menopause expert Dr Louise Newson
  • Topics include education on the needs of different skin tones, menopausal skin and how to support the beauty needs of those living with cancer

London, UK, June 07, 2021 – No7 Beauty Company launches an industry leading beauty advisor training programme, Skin School, developed by its Global Beauty Academy in partnership with the University of Manchester and endorsed by the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC).

Reflecting No7 Beauty Company’s commitment to making beauty accessible and affordable for everyone, the comprehensive training programme has been created to ensure that No7 and Liz Earle beauty advisors have a uniquely rich and deep understanding of skin’s physiology and the needs of all skin types, regardless of age, ethnicity and differing skin concerns. They will be equipped to provide scientifically based, personalised advice for customers to ensure their individual skin and beauty needs are answered.

The programme will consist of the following modules:

  • Skin Physiology: How the skin works and how products work on the skin
  • Uniqueness of the Skin: Biological and physical differences across skin tones. Created with support from aesthetician Dija Ayodele
  • Part 1: Skin Through the Life Stages / Part 2: The Skin and the Sun: How the skin ages and the impact of environmental and lifestyle factors
  • Part 1: The Menopause / Part 2: The Menopause and the Skin: A holistic view of the menopause, and its impact on the skin. Created with support from Doctor Louise Newson
  • Skin Conditions: Healthy skin and common skin conditions
  • Product Development: The journey of a skincare product, from idea to shelf
  • Global Trends and Technology:  Advancing technologies in beauty and the importance of consumer insights and trends
  • Lifestyle and Wellness: How to look after the skin both inside and out
  • Macmillan Cancer Support: The visible side effects of cancer treatment on the skin

The ground-breaking training programme takes 9-12 months to complete and will be given to No7 and Liz Earle beauty advisors in the UK from May this year, and in the US in 2022.  It is the first and only beauty advisor training programme to be endorsed by CIBTAC. It has been developed by No7 Beauty Company Science and Global Beauty Academy teams with a variety of industry experts including menopause specialist and founder of The Menopause Charity and the Balance Menopause App Dr Louise Newson, aesthetician and founder of the Black Skin Directory Dija Ayodele and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Lavinia Moxley, Head of Global Beauty Academy, No7 Beauty Company comments:

“We are delighted to announce the launch of Skin School and thrilled to have the support from CIBTAC. As the first point of call for many women looking for beauty advice, our beauty advisors have vast experience and expertise in helping women find the right skincare products for their specific needs. Skin School builds on this rich heritage, ensuring that they continue to give customers highly personalised advice that is tailored to their skin and beauty needs, and based on the latest scientific developments and understanding of the skin.”

Lesley Blair, CEO & Chair, BABTAC and CIBTAC adds:

“No7 and Liz Earle are household beauty brands rooted in expertise and knowledge with a unique position to speak to UK women on every level and at every age. This is why we are thrilled to partner with No7 Beauty Company to ensure their beauty advisors will undergo a globally recognised CIBTAC endorsed training and education programme. Having worked with No7 Beauty Company very closely, we are confident that each advisor will feel prepared and informed with the knowledge needed to help women make the right decision for their beauty needs.”