Sustainability in Beauty

Sustainability in Beauty

COP26 has been the main focus for the world over the past few weeks and there is no doubt sustainability and environmental concerns impact our sector as much, if not more, than some other industries. While the impact will undoubtedly fall largely on the manufacturing sector, it is still very clear that it is up to each and every one of us to do our bit and no longer an option to leave it up to big industry.

Our CEO Lesley Blair represents BABTAC on the Advisory Body of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition (SBC), set up by the British Beauty Council - who were present at COP26 and hosted a side event in Glasgow with an informative Planet Positive Webinar. If you missed this you can still view it on YouTube by clicking here. The SBC have also produced a useful guide to help decode jargon and help you understand real sustainability and how to make greener more sustainable choices in every business now matter how small or large you are. To download the Planet Positive Beauty Guide please click here.

To download the Planet Positive Beauty Guide please click here.

To re-read our VITALITY article from a few months back on making your own salon more sustainable click here

We also attended an online presentation with the Treasury Department for an Update and Q & A on the Plastic Packaging Tax coming into effect from 1st April 2022. Once again while this effects large scale manufacturers and importers of plastic packaging (10 or more tonnes over a year) it is still recommended that you be aware of the tax and its implications.