Updated Guidance for Close Contact Services

Updated Guidance for Close Contact Services

Due to concerns over the new Omicron variant of COVID the government have re-introduced a few measures as a precaution until they are able to better assess the impact of this new variant and its transmissibility.

This does impact our industry in England as face masks are once again mandatory in retail settings, including Close Contact Services.This means both staff and clients do need to wear their masks (other than those who are exempt). We have been advising this as best practice to our members anyway - so for many of you this could simply mean continuing to do what you were doing anyway.

 BABTAC were on a call this week with The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) ahead of the Government Guidelines being updated and received verification on the following queries we put forward to them:

  • All Close Contact Services are included in the retail requirments to wear face masks - this includes staff and the public. 
  • Exempt customers can be admitted
  • Staff members exempt can continue to work 
  • Clients are able to remove face coverings for treatments as required. This is because it is considered a reasonable excuse for not wearing a face covering
  • Staff Face coverings even behind Perspex screens 

  • Type 11 mask recommended 

  • No goggles or visors required

  • TV and film have the same requirements as personal care

To access the full update of the England Guidelines please click here.

The rules in the devolved nations have been different to England and there face masks have remained mandatory in retail (including close contact services) so that remains the same and no updates to their guidance has yet been given.