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Trailblazer apprenticeships: level 5 Aesthetic Practitioner -Skin rejuvenation standard draft now available for consultation

As part of the government’s apprenticeship reforms, the draft level 5 Aesthetic Practitioner Skin Rejuvenation Trailblazer standard is now available for review. To ensure the standards reflect industry practice once they’re finalised, the Beauty Professional Trailblazer Steering Group are urging beauty and aesthetic professionals to participate in the process and have their say.

The level 5 standard was drawn up by the Beauty Professional apprenticeship steering  group consisting of employers, training providers and Awarding Organisations following Institute of Apprenticeship and technical education quality guidelines. The standard has been designed to provide a progression step up from the level 3 apprenticeship standards and provide aspirational targets for apprentices who are keen to progress in their careers. 

The standard includes:

  • health and safety management and infection control protocols for aesthetic procedures.
  • client consultation, skin evaluation, analysis, record and informed consent
  • preparation, planning and risk assessment management for aesthetic skin rejuvenation procedures.
  • working collaboratively with non-health care and healthcare professionals, when required.
  • non-invasive, minimally invasive, and invasive skin rejuvenation using
    • very superficial, superficial, and medium grade chemical peels
    • micro needling procedures
    • light-based skin rejuvenation procedures
    • mesotherapy techniques
    • cryotherapy
    • a combination of intraepidermal procedures
  • Evaluation
  • Business growth
  • Professional and ethical standards

The draft level 5 Aesthetic Practitioner Skin Rejuvenation standard can be downloaded HERE.

Please ensure you have read the draft standard before completing the survey.

You can have you say by completing the survey via the link below:

For more information on the apprenticeships to date, visit the Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education website:

Beauty Professional Apprenticeship (trailblazer) Steering Group members said: “the level 5 Aesthetic Practitioner standard for Skin Rejuvenation apprenticeship will provide apprentices with the right knowledge, skills and behaviours to competently work within the aesthetics sector and will set a great foundation for continual professional development and progression”.

Diane Hey, BABTAC Board Member & Chair of the Trailblazer Steering Group for beauty professionals added, “these standards will provide the necessary steppingstone from level 3 and a career opportunity for level 5 Aesthetic Practitioner Skin Rejuvenation apprenticeship standard. This will meet the proposed changes to the licencing of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and enable the professional recognition of higher-level skills that have often been undertaken as continual professional development, due to the previous lack of regulated pathways.