BABTAC announce the appointment of Caroline Hirons

BABTAC announce the appointment of Caroline Hirons to its Board of Directors

BABTAC is thrilled to announce the appointment of beauty expert and industry powerhouse, Caroline Hirons to its Board

Renowned within the beauty industry for her credible voice and vast expertise, Caroline is an exemplary role model for our sector and a long standing member of BABTAC.  Her success isn’t the result of a flash in the pan moment on a social platform or a 1 day fly by night beauty course, but rather the culmination of choosing fit for purpose qualifications, working incredibly hard and sheer determination.  Fast-forward to 2024, Caroline has since immersed herself within the organisation further, acting as a speaker at the annual BABTAC Conference and Awards as well as campaigning alongside BABTAC on important industry initiatives including BABTAC’s T.I.M.E. Campaign .

As a BABTAC Board member, Caroline will use her platform and expertise to input her knowledge and bring awareness to BABTAC’s important work within the industry which places focus on issues including the need for industry wide regulation, recognised qualifications and safety standards.

The BABTAC Board vision for 2024

With the addition of Caroline to its Board, BABTAC’s mission for 2024 will continue to focus on supporting and promoting responsible business within the beauty industry. BABTAC leads by example by elevating the levels of professionalism of its own members through self-regulation, while continuing to campaign on critical issues that affect the sector and advocating for the standardisation of fit for purpose qualifications.

“As a long-term BABTAC member, Caroline’s ethics are directly in line with our organisations, so having her join our board makes complete sense. We are a credible leading Industry body and the principal voice for both our members and the wider beauty sector. Caroline is an iconic industry expert with the respect of her industry peers and the allegiance of her vast consumer following. She also ins’t afraid to say exactly what she thinks and we love that about her!.”


“BABTAC & CIBTAC have been a part of my beauty career for as long as I can remember so I am absolutely delighted to be joining the board. I am proudly CIBTAC Qualified and a BABTAC Insured Member. Like this organisation I am a fierce advocate of fit for purpose training and professional practice to ensure we elevate the reputation of our industry, support our members and safeguard consumers. BABTAC’s integrity and credibility have always set them apart and our shared values and objectives made the decision to join their Board easy. I look forward to offering a fresh perspective and consolidating our efforts.”

Caroline Hirons, Skin Expert & Founder of Beauty Backed and Skin Rocks