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How Can I Stay One Step Ahead of my Clients?

L’Oreal Professional UK Colour Spokesperson and celebrity colourist, Jack Howard, reveals how to handle a savvy social media inspired customer. With over 17k followers, he should know!

Why Should I Patch Test?

Patch Testing, where a treatment requires an obligatory patch test, resist being pressurised by the client to proceed without a test. Be prepared to lose business if they won’t have a test...

More than skin deep: how beauty aids humanity Comments

Beauty is more than skin deep, it plays a powerful part in aiding our humanity. BABTAC members are among thousands of people donating their time to charity.

Your Questions Answered: BABTAC Annual Members' Survey 2016 Comments

Over 700 of you completed the BABTAC Annual Members' Survey this year - the largest response ever! We're busy working through each answer to every question, and we'll publish the results in the January/February 2017 issue of Vitality magazine…