Coronavirus Update for our Members

Coronavirus Update for our Members

In these uncertain and changeable times it is incredibly difficult to decide what the best plan of action is for your business when dealing with the COVID19.

We are all together in uncharted waters and dealing with a virus that even the medical professionals still don’t fully understand or can predict. As such there is no precedent set on what best practice is yet. There is even still uncertainty on exactly what the contagious stage of the virus is, although current government guidelines state that anyone who is short of breath, has a fever or suffering from a dry cough should immediately self isolate for 14 days and anyone living with them should now also do the same. This could of course change again at any time and the government have confirmed that daily updates will be given each afternoon. We do encourage all members to look out for these.

We also encourage all our members to continue to go onto the NHS, Government and WHO websites as they are updated in real time with the most up to date information but we will do our best to keep our own news on the website current with anything we believe may be specifically helpful to our members.

Some new measures in the government financial plans include:

  • Statutory sick pay for those advised to self-isolate – even if they have not displayed symptoms. 
  • A ‘temporary coronavirus business interruption loan scheme’ for banks to offer loans of up to £1.2m to support small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Business rates suspended for one year for firms with a rateable value below £51,000. Any company eligible for small business rates relief will be allowed a £3,000 cash grant (a £2bn injection for 700,000 small businesses).
  • The government will meet costs for businesses with fewer than 250 employees of providing statutory sick pay to those off work due to coronavirus.
  • The government will make it quicker and easier for those working on a self-employed basis to access benefits.

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Membership FAQ's 

Our membership team have noted down a couple of the most frequently asked questions presently which are listed below with the relevant responses

Q) Will my BABTAC insurance still cover me if I need to work at my home or as a mobile therapist?

A) Yes - your insurance policy will still cover you provided you work under your business name and only for the cover stipulated on that policy. Should the government introduce a full lock down at any time this could affect your insurance and we would advise our members accordingly.

Q) Does my BABTAC Insurance cover business interruption or loss of earnings.

A) No - while the additional Balens bridging policy does cover business interruption, a pandemic is not an insured peril. This is standard to most business interruption policies.

 Q) Should I be closing my business or only doing certain treatments?

A) Presently government have only given guidance on social distancing which is worth noting as it gives a list of those at higher risk and this could help to guide you in the decisions you make, given our industry requires close proximity to our clients. At this stage, this is not being enforced in business so the responsible decision on what is best for your company, your staff and the clients you treat remains with each of you for now. As in Italy - this could change at any time and government could enforce all businesses closing.

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