Tapping into the teenage market

Tapping into the teenage market

From the industry's point of view, teens are the prospective loyal clients of the future. They may not have the funds right now, but is that a reason not to prioritise them?


Through helping the teenager you can impress the disconcerting mother and earn their respect. If you can please the teen and boost their confidence, then you can have a budding client, a contented mother, which could lead to more clients in the future.


Remember word of mouth is one of the best business tools you can use.



1.Social media

Teens are an investment - they may not being an immediate financial return, but they have the ability to market your business in a manner that could exceed most budget allowances. They will often tweet or post an 'after' pic of brows, tans, facials etc. 


From a marketing perspective encourage the teenage clients to spread the word to capture a new audience.




Pricing is important especially in the teenage market and will require consideration. There's a need to strike a balance between affordable treatments and ensuring your bottom line isn't negatively affected. You have to realistic. 

It is imperative not to assume the amount of money in a teen's beauty kitty; beauty and looking is a big part of most teenager's lives. 

If the parents are paying, don't make presumptions about the amount they are willing to invest. They may not invest in themselves as a client but that doesn't mean they aren't unwilling to pay out for their beloved teen. 



3.Treatments and menu list

Skin treatments or retail products are typically a reason to visit a salon. Promoting teen facials, manis, pedis and brows are treatments more attractive to teens, promote these more. This could be with a specialised price listing just for this age group. This will allow you to separate yourself from the competitors who may not be as openly inviting to this age group. 




Grooming lessons or conducting workshops, even in school halls, are opportunities not to be missed. If you advertise sessions, such as skin classes, how to shape a brow, tanning tips etc. You can impart knowledge and build rapport as well as creating interest in your business. 

Blogging can also have a huge impact. You can catch a teen's attention, earn respect and enhance your brand. Another good way to blog is to affiliate (become friends) with local hairdressers and photographers. Join forces for events and promotions. 



5.Tapping in

The teen market has been largely left untapped. To capitalise, you need to adapt your skill set to the individual and not let ageism apply. Their need, desires, fears, and conditions are as important as those of adults.


Realise the huge potential teens can bring to your business over the years and respect them accordingly.



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