Celebrity endorsements sell salon retail

Celebrity endorsements sell salon retail

Love 'em or hate em', every way you turn there's a celebrity trying to flog you something. Especially in the hair and beauty industry. Global manufacturers spend squillions each year on celebrity endorsements for the retail products you sell in salon. But do these celeb recommendations really work for you in salon? 

In this salon marketing post I look at: 

  • If celebrity testimonials do help sell more salon retail
  • How to make celebrity endorsements work harder for your salon retail sales

Do celebrity recommendations help you sell more retail products in salon? 

Or are they just an expensive piece of marketing fluff? In recent research commisioned by BABTAC 2,566 UK consumers were asked if they would be more likely to try a beauty treatment if a celebrity they admired had tried it. 

A staggering 52% said they would. 

Clearly, product houses wouldn't be throwing millions each year at celebrity endorsements if they didn't believe they work. Even so, I'm surprised that over half of respondants were influenced. 

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