HEE Report Published

HEE Report delivers new qualification standards for non-surgical cosmetic procedures

"Patients and members of the public who elect to have cosmetic interventions should be able to expect to receive safe standards of treatments and care, with the opportunity to select proficient practitioners who have had the appropriate training to deliver high quality services. 

Health Education England was commissioned by the Department of Health to develop qualification requirements for the delivery of a number of non-surgical cosmetic interventions and hair restoration surgery with the aim of improving and standardising the training available to practitioners." 

Page 3 of the HEE report

BABTAC advises all members to read the HEE report and urges cosmetic practitioners to ensure they read the report thoroughly. For more information on Health Education England, see the HEE website


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HEE Report Part One          HEE report part two


Read BABTAC's HEE Summary for Therapists compiled by Sally Durant, our CIBTAC expert. 












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