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Lesley Blair

She doesn’t eat chocolate, loves Dubai and was awarded a first class honours degree in her 40s. There’s more to Chair of BABTAC and CIBTAC, Lesley Blair than meets the eye…

Where are you right now?

I’m on my way home which is just south of Glasgow. I’ve always lived here and it’s where I’m at my happiest. Most of my friends and family are here including my nephew who’s the love of my life along with my long standing fiancé of course.

Talk us through your typical day:

It varies. I have office contact with BABTAC/CIBTAC daily so I know exactly what’s going on. The role of ‘Chair’ before was more strategic rather than operational but I feel it is important I have my finger on the pulse. I’m a people person and want the staff to work with me not for me therefore I have an open door policy. I also liaise with stakeholders and partnerships, work on training programmes, attend meetings with PR and marketing teams and sit on offshoot groups that focus on quality checking the industry. Because we’re a non for profit business run by a board of Directors, I chair the meetings and the casting vote is left to me.

Does that mean you’ve given up ‘hands-on’ beauty?

No, never! I still have a clinic that I run from home with about 60 clients so I’m still very much hands on! My clients keep me sane. I knew I wanted to be a beauty therapist when I was 10 years old!

Do you have a mantra?

Carpe Diem…Seize the day. I started out as a beauty therapist when I was 17 but in my late 30s I did a degree in finance and graduated with a first class honours degree. When I finished I got asked to interview with some major financial companies but I love beauty too much, it’s such an exciting and evolving industry.

What’s currently getting you fired up?

Advanced aesthetics – laser, peels, radio frequency – they offer so much more than the basic therapies.

If we were to open your make-up bag, what would we find?

Ha, my handbag is so heavy because I always carry all of my make-up with me. But no mascara as I have ‘Volume lashes’ done every two weeks.

That’s impressive…

I know but my friends have nicknamed me ‘Selfie Queen’ so I always need to look my best! I even managed to get a selfie with MP John McNally the last time I went to Parliament.

Tell us one last thing about you that will shock us…

I don’t eat chocolate, I gave it up over 20 years ago and haven’t touched it since. And I never use a calculator – I like to keep the mind active!

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